Virtual Support Services

Need an Extra Person in Your Corner?

Maybe you aren’t prepared to birth outside the system, or maybe you even plan on freebirthing! My virtual 24/7 text/call support via text or the Telegram app is just what you need to feel that much more confident in your decisions. Available for those newly pregnant up to 8 weeks postpartum.

What type of support can be given virtually?

  • Help navigating what kinds of pregnancy testing you want to access, such as bloodwork, ultrasound, genetic testing, etc.
  • Nutritional counselling and help finding the best supplements if needed.
  • Advice on common pregnancy discomforts, such as nausea, heartburn, pelvic girdle pain, poor sleep etc.
  • Access to evidence-based documents to help make healthcare decisions, especially when it comes to interventions such as induction, cervical exams, fetal monitoring, etc.
  • Virtual labour support as needed (not meant to be continuous).
  • General support to cut through all the fear-mongering BS today’s maternity system has to offer.

Ready to have someone in your corner who isn't beholden to anyone but you?

For only $100/month you can add an extra layer of support to get the birth you want. 

THRIVE Resource Binder sold separately ($125 full colour, over 100 documents covering prenatal, birth, postpartum and baby topics)

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